A Set of Resources for Writers (Marketers)


Writing–no matter what type–always feels like an adventure.

In the beginning, there’s just the idea of it: where you want to go, how you think you’ll get there, how long the journey will take. It’s a path filled with challenges and surprises, though, and sometimes you end up on the top of a completely different mountain than the one you thought you started climbing.

This is especially true if, like me, you’re trying to balance other parts of real life (family and household duties, living on a strict budget, volunteer service and non-writing hobbies…and lots of other things that just seem to pop up when I least expect them).

Resources for writers abound. They make our lives easier, more fulfilling and often make the writing even more fun.

This particular set of pages is dedicated to discovering and writing about resources that can help writers joyfully manage their lives while they develop their craft. Please comment if you have other great ideas to share.

Even better, send me a personal message! The more we all share, the more we all learn and grow together.





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