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June 17, 2016

Highland Air

One view from the top of Deseret Peak

One view from the top of Deseret Peak



After wind and sun, the climb

made bodies ache but souls feel new–

There’s never breathing more sublime

than highland air with a far-flung view,

than highland air I share with you.


When we descend this mountain peak

to life and days of lowland hue,

I think that I will always speak

of mountaintops and skies of blue,

of highland air I shared with you.


(#fridayphotopoetry) This was fun. I haven’t written poetry in a while.





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August 8, 2014

#fridayphotopoetry The fires we dance around


If all those things we choose to do

are bundled up, piled into one,

the love of life might spark anew,

light fires that spread and get things done.


And when the heat of our own games

becomes a blaze of day-by-day,

the things we do go up in flames,

become the music that we play.


It’s not the things we choose to do

that keep our feet upon the ground–

It’s just our dreams, when they come true,

are flames we choose to dance around.



August 1, 2014

#fridayphotopoetry Shared Dreams



I waited with my dreams in hand

(and some folded beneath my hat,

some in my shoes–but understand,

my heart still carried more than that).

And then you came with dreams to share

(and some seemed like my very own,

like garden scents too sweet to bear–

and some of them seemed overgrown).

We pasted, plotted and devised

(all collages built this way

have to contain the things we’ve prized,

or they won’t stand in Light of Day).

In future years, we’ll seek our dreams

(their colors faded, edges frayed)

and gasp to see Creation gleams

on dreams come true. (Look what we made.)

July 31, 2014

Return of #fridayphotopoetry

One of the photos I might use, courtesy of my sweetheart...

One of the photos I might use, courtesy of my sweetheart…

Just wanted to announce–Friday Photo Poetry will be returning to

I just think I need it. That’s all. šŸ™‚


June 29, 2013

Friday Photo Poetry: Special Olympics



There’s more than soccer happening on this field–

the most innocent of souls have come to play.

There’s joy to feel and confidence to build,

hopes to share, and life lived a separate way.

Bench-side, I feel a burst of clarity.

One of these special champions smiled at me!



Have a great weekend, wonderful blogging friends. šŸ™‚



June 13, 2013

Friday photo poetry: steep places


There will always be steep places to climb,

swift rivers to swim and deserts to wander.

These are Life’s challenges; they claim my time

with riddles and puzzles I can’t help but ponder.

Sometimes, gratitude is my only goal.

I’ll find it on any-ways and every-wheres–

they are the adventures that try my soul.

(I’m glad some of them have stairs.)


May 31, 2013

Friday Photo Poetry: Sunshine on my head


At times it seems the world feeds me with bread,

With bits of crumbled dreams that build my own,

And warmth and joy, like sunshine on my head,

And friendship, so that I am not alone.

I sometimes wonder whether I was meant

To float on peaceful waters every day.

(Iā€™m certain it would be a life well spent,

if I could simply learn to live this way.)


Happy Friday!

May 25, 2013

Friday Photo Poetry: The dark night

Lights in the darkness

Lights in the darkness!

There are times I fade to black

and allow the night to stake its claim

upon my sorrow, guilt and shame.

I have to fight to not look back…

On the horizon, I see light,

the promise of a place to stay

until I find the light of day

that comes beyond the edge of fright.

And so I let each step go by

like shredded papers in a flame,

the ashes of my very name

rising like smoke into the sky.

I’m waiting for the end of Blaze,

when all that’s left is one last spark

rising up into the dark,

the promise of forgotten days.

There is this Dark Night of the Soul

that every ember has to face

before it rises to its place–

a phoenix, at last, complete and whole.

May 17, 2013

Friday Photo Poetry: Friday morning



I can’t stay away from growing things.

I feel compelled to look inside,

to drink the beauty nature sings–

my soul will not be satisfied

until I’ve tasted all the flowers

and ridden every springtime breeze.

(It’s just a way to pass the hours,

and I have one whole day to seize!)

May 11, 2013

Friday Photo Poetry: Relief

An old grain silo at sunset, in North Dakota

An old grain silo at sunset, in North Dakota

As sun’s last rays fold colors into gray

and brightness into twilight’s solitude,

I stare down the scarce remains of Day

and gather all my strength, to change my mood.

Night-time is a song I love to sing,

so I find peace in every setting sun–

but deeper now, the solace Night will bring

comforts me. (I’m glad this day is done.)

Happy Friday, everyone!

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