Willow Scot’s review of A Tale of Three Planets, by MichaelBrent Collings

I have the privilege of posting a review from author Willow Scot for another author, Michael R. Collings. This kind of thing is always fun.

And here is what Willow Scot has to say about Michael Colling’s book, Space Operae!: A Tale of Three Planets:

Space Operae! A tale of three planets, a new novel by Dr. Michael R. Collings, is a perfect symphony blending sci-fi with a dash of mystery. Now, I say mystery because each of these three tales is skillfully woven without the use of “Earth” references. It leads the reader through a “mystery” as to whom or what the characters are.While this is not a genre I generally enjoy, this work of art was was a pleasure to read. From the opening page, I was drawn into the complex nature of world building and the character’s plight. Without giving any *spoilers*, the first tale had me finding resonance even though “it” was learning to define whom “it” is. This book is definitely worth a read.

The author’s prose is brilliantly crafted. I find his writing style to be similar to well-known authors, such as Orson Scott Card or J.R. Token.

Don’t miss out on this delightful adventure.

While helping post this review, I noticed this book is free for Kindle. It jumped to the top of my reading list, and I downloaded it. What a perfect way to start out the month of October!

Actually, I’m seeing lots of great looking books on Amazon.com by Michael R. Collings. Guess it’s time to plan another reading party. 🙂

Thanks to Willow Scot for bringing this to my attention.


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