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March 25, 2015

Gardening, writing and signs of spring


A local writer friend of mine told me yesterday she’s getting involved in a community garden this year. The entire garden space is going to be about five acres. If I understood her correctly, quite a few families are participating.

After she left, I went outside. Our yard is shabby and overrun with weeds right now, and our space is cut up by terraces and sheds. In spite of that, we really do have good space, and the winter here has been mild. It’s time to get outside and play in the dirt.

Here’s what I discovered walking around my yard:

*The almond trees are already in bloom. So are several weeds in my herb garden.

*Our single raspberry bush has suckered out. We now have a small second raspberry bush with roots in the ground.

*Our strawberries are doing very well. We have about a third more plants this year, due to the runners they sent out last year.

*My rosemary is already twice as tall as it was last year, and the garlic I thought I killed has come back. The rhubarb is thriving.

*I don’t see any signs of the peppermint, but the oregano is doing very well.

*We have daffodils. And crocuses. And hyacinths.

My husband is far more in tune with these things than I am. He has already planted two more rose bushes and two more blueberry bushes on the west side of our house, and he’s getting ready to prune the holly bushes near the front door.

Gardens and yards take a lot of work. I know myself. The garden bug has bitten me, and I’ll be outside every morning until it gets hot. Then I’ll be outside in the evenings, and then, midsummer, I’ll probably set aside the weeding much more than I should in favor of other pursuits. Such as writing, inĀ  the coolness of my basement office.

Even so, writers still need sunshine. We need the vitamin D we can get from sunshine, and we need the time to unwind as we pull weeds and plant flowers.

There’s more than one way to be creative. Hopefully this year, I’ll find more balance.

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