When writer’s block is a physical thing

frozen grass

Sometimes writer’s block can be a physical thing.

As I write this, I’m thinking back across the past twelve years of my life and the events that have both shaped and interrupted my writing.

There were new babies, changes in jobs, health challenges, visits from friends and family from out of state, summertime gardens and winter sledding excursions. Once there was an almost-debilitating legal battle with someone I had considered a friend, and two other times, my family and I moved across the country.

While these life changes have generally resulted in a more mellow me, there’s no denying this fact: a difficult new mental landscape can keep writers from their works-in-progress, at least until they learn new routines that allow them time to sit and write. Also, life changes don’t impact just the mental and emotional state of writers. They can have profound impacts on how and when the laundry and dishes get washed, when the bills get paid and even what kind of transportation writers use.

I’ve been lucky lately. I’ve actually made it to my desk every day this week, and each time, I make a little progress on my writing projects.

Not a lot. A little…some days, a very little…but the joy of writing is still joy, and I cherish those fifteen-minute segments. They’re often the highlight of the day.

Writing is always in my plans, and I hope as I navigate the current set of changes, I’ll find a way to move my beloved hobby further up the list of my priorities.

For the past few hours as I’ve contemplated my writing, I’ve had an image in my mind of tall grass poking out of the snow. I used to see this quite a bit in North Dakota winters, and the beauty of it always amazed me–especially on bright sunny mornings, when ice crystals clung to the grasses. Those were dazzling mornings of gold and diamonds.

I’m not saying that my writing is gold and diamonds–although, of course, I hope it is. I just appreciate knowing it’s still there, even though sometimes it has to winter over. It pokes its head up now and then, enjoys the sunlight and makes me smile.


One Comment to “When writer’s block is a physical thing”

  1. Very true and good to hear you’re still writing. It’s challenging when life rears up and blocks you from a beloved activity. I know it drives me batty. I’ve learned that when it happens, I have to make a more conscious grab for writing time.


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