My #amreading: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower

Prodigy of Rainbow Tower, by Charles Yallowitz

Prodigy of Rainbow Tower, by Charles Yallowitz

Late last night–well, actually, very early this morning–I finally had a chance to start reading Prodigy of Rainbow Tower, by Charles Yallowitz. So far, it’s been as rewarding a read as I anticipated it would be.

Here are the parts I’ve enjoyed most so far:

  • A pocket cabin. I want one!
  • An exciting fight scene in the gardens at Rainbow Tower–I heard the crashing and the roar of fire and the wood breaking during this scene. It was VERY well done.
  • Everything about the character named Nyx. She is a real firecracker.
  • Four moons that slink behind clouds over a river…such beautiful imagery!
  • Two very intriguing fight scenes in a city called Rodillen–one on the rooftops, and one in the thieves guild. Β One quick comment here on Charles Yallowitz’s writing–he really knows how to write interesting, detailed fight scenes that include the setting and dialogue as well as action. This is one of the things I liked best about his first book, Beginning of a Hero, and I’m glad to see even more of it in Prodigy of Rainbow Tower.
  • I always love the banter between Yallowitz’s characters. In this book, I’m particularly enjoying Nimby’s dialogue sequences.

Okay. I have to mention this, too: the setting in the prologue was detailed and rich. Even though it dealt with disgusting things like rotting corpses and maggots, It was again something I could picture very well. I almost gagged at one point.

According to Dave Farland’s Million Dollar Outlines, books should evoke strong emotional responses. I would say Yallowitz’s settings do that for me. I’m only a third of the way through the book, but I had to fight myself to put it down long enough to blog about it.

For any reader new to Charles Yallowitz’s work, I recommend his blog site, which contains more information about the books, the characters, and the artwork he uses.




10 Responses to “My #amreading: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower”

  1. Thanks. I’m really happy that you’re enjoying it and like Nyx. She’s one of my favorites.


  2. Reblogged this on Legends of Windemere and commented:
    ‘Great so far’ review of Prodigy of Rainbow Tower by Gwen Bristol.


  3. I agree, I love Nyx as well. Yay for Charles!


    • She turned into a really fun character to write. I like how she’s becoming oddly motherly to the characters as time progresses. There are future scenes where you really feel sorry for Nyx having to deal with Luke and Sari getting into trouble.


  4. Hee hee, *blush* “You love me, you really love me!” (kudos to anyone who gets the reference) btw, Nyx is my character, with some Yallowitz tweaking πŸ˜‰ And I’ll second Gwen’s analysis thus far. The detail in the stories is phenomenal.


    • Wow! A real live Nyx! πŸ™‚ That makes you (Phaerygurl and Nyx, and Charles, too) even cooler than I already thought you were. πŸ™‚



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