An Interview with author Charles Yallowitz

Charles Yallowitz is the author of Beginning of a Hero.

Charles Yallowitz is the author of  Beginning of a Hero and Prodigy of Rainbow Tower.

I love learning about how other writers do things about as much as I love reading their works. Charles Yallowitz, author of Prodigy of Rainbow Tower and Beginning of a Hero, is particularly inspiring, partly because he genuinely cares about the other authors he networks with, and he makes everything fun. He recently allowed me to interview him regarding his writing–and here it is!

Which was harder for you to write and edit–Beginning of a Hero, or Prodigy of Rainbow Tower? What made the difference?

Both books had their difficulties.  With Beginning of a Hero, I had to start from scratch and there were only my notes to fall back on.  There was a sense of freedom with this, but also a sense that I could end up going too far.  So, I had to be very cautious.  With Prodigy of Rainbow Tower, I had a foundation for the world and characters.  The utter freedom was gone and I had stability in the world, but I had to worry a lot more about continuity.  I found myself going back to check facts because I doubted myself.

In terms of editing, I have to give the win to Prodigy of Rainbow Tower.  I could change things while working on it or I would have to go in to alter something that came from the editing of Beginning of a Hero.  So, the first book could be laid done to rest while the second book was always a factor when editing anything in the series.

What would you like newcomers to the series to know about Prodigy of Rainbow Tower?

I’d like them to know that this book is going to have a lot more action and testing of the characters.  The first book was very light-hearted and the characters were still getting to know each other.  Now, I really put them through the wringer, including the newest character, Nyx the caster.  Caster is the Windemere term for people that use magic.

Another item that I want newcomers to know about is that the magic of Windemere is going to take a central role.  In Beginning of a Hero, there more mostly warriors and it was a very sword-oriented story.  The inclusion of Nyx and her magical rival, Trinity, allowed me delve more into the workings of magic and write some big caster duels.  Those only get bigger and better as the story progresses.

 Of all of the characters in this world you’ve created, which is your favorite and why? Or, if you can’t choose one, how about your top three?

It’s hard to pick even a top three.  Fizzle the Drite (tiny dragon) definitely has the biggest fan following since the first book.  I’ve come to enjoy writing his scenes more since people directed my attention to him.  So, he’s taken on a bigger role in the overall series, which I gently flushing out as time goes on.

I’ve come to really enjoy writing The Lich because he’s such an evil character, but he has this habit of sabotaging himself.  He shows such promise to be a big villain that I start to feel sorry for his stumbling.  You almost want him to succeed every now and then because he tries so hard to win.

Finally, I love writing scenes with Nyx.  She’s a very dynamic character and one of the best I ever created.  She’s very powerful with her magic and her temper means she’s very likely to react with a spell.  Yet, she has many moments of vulnerability and an almost maternal reaction to some of the other heroes.  Neither mentality is strained or out of character for her.  For example, I’m working on a later book where Nyx has to fix a mistake from Prodigy of Rainbow Tower.  She’s scared and timid instead of her defiant self, but the opposite persona comes off as natural for her.

How important is networking with other authors? Does it make a difference in morale and support alone, or does this actually transfer to sales and publicity?

Networking with other authors is a must across the board.  You can get feedback, support, morale, and so many other things.  I use my blog to describe what I’m doing and let other authors know what worked and what didn’t while I was publishing.  This has led me to get into many conversations with other authors about self-publishing.  So, it helps get a good dialogue going to learn about pricing and marketing.

It’s invaluable for publicity too.  There is a lot of ‘you mention my book and I mention yours’ on WordPress.  For Prodigy of Rainbow Tower, I did a blog blitz the night before it debuted.  Over 10 bloggers made posts about my book and promoted it right before it went live.  At the same time, I did was involved in two blog blitzs for two other authors.  So, you see a lot of community and support from authors.  Self-publishing is really a team sport because one self-published author making it justifies the actions of the others.  That successful author can show the way and be a real motivator for those still aspiring.

What is the best, best, best thing about being a writer?

Hearing somebody tell me which character they loved or which scene moved them.  Even getting an e-mail about a scene that angered someone makes me smile.  A few scenes in Prodigy of Rainbow Tower resulted in me getting an e-mail or two from a beta reader.  The e-mails were mostly ‘Wow!  I can’t believe you did that!’  Getting that kind of reaction from a reader is why I love to tell stories.

What food do you think you ate the most of during this time?

I drank a ton of seltzer while writing.  As far as food, I tried to vary it, but I think it was mostly pineapple or M&M’s.  Not together.  Though I’m now tempted to try that and see what happens.

How many hours of sleep did you average per night during this time?

I typically average 4-5 hours sleep in general because I have trouble sleeping.  It would be deep sleep, but I always wake up around 6 AM.  There are occasional days where my body is just out of commission and I’m in a coma for 8 hours.  Those typically happen on the weekend against my will.

What is THE BEST thing that happened to you during this time?

So many things.  I’ve met so many great friends during this journey, which is at the top of the list.  As for specific events, I would say being in the 20’s of the Top 100 Epic Fantasy eBooks on Amazon is up there.  Tied with having a brief Facebook conversation with R.A. Salvatore.  It was really me asking him a question about writing and he answered.  So, I answered back and then got another response.  It ended with me writing a thank you and beaming for the rest of the day.

Prodigy of Rainbow Tower, by Charles Yallowitz

Prodigy of Rainbow Tower, by Charles Yallowitz

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  2. You know Charles…one thing I love about you is that you are larger than life in so many ways because you are so very accomplished. The other thing is that you are very real. Great Interview 🙂



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