How Not To Be A Writing Loser by Julie

I don’t often reblog things, but there’s no better way to say it than this. Writing takes hard work and commitment.

Deadly Ever After

TODAY’S BREW: Chocolate Something or Other

By Julie

You don’t just get to be a writer because you like to write.

You don’t even get to be one because you’re good at it.

I like to drink coffee. Doesn’t make me Juan Valdez.  I’m good at getting all the laundry done. Doesn’t mean I get to run a Chinese laundry as a front for a drug cartel where I sit around in an awesome suit and make my laundry minions do my bidding.

Liking to write and having some amount of talent for it is the entry fee. It doesn’t win you the writer badge for your coffee-stained sweatpants and tanktop uniform, though.

This is not a new notion: WRITING TAKES WORK AND PRACTICE.

Sure, natural talent helps, but it is far from the being the crux of succeeding as a writer, no matter what way you determine success to…

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