Skyward Bound

Goin' up!

Going up!

Between the wedding dress, the end of school and multiple trips to see my daughter, I hardly touched the computer at all last week.  I am starving for the chance to sit at my desk and write.

Happily, I think this will actually happen this week. This means I will probably also be blogging again at least a few times each week. As part of this, I intend to review at least one marketing book each week (and catch up on the ones I’ve only read half-way through). I have 29 books currently in queue for this.

In spite of all the time away from my computer, something marvelous and fun happened this weekend. Someone from our neighborhood ran up to me, in a public place, and practically shouted how excited he was to know I’m an author. He found my book and bought it on Kindle.

This was especially exciting to me because this young gentlemen is in the age range I set for my original target audience. I haven’t done much in-person marketing. This makes me happy! Going skyward is fun. 🙂

8 Comments to “Skyward Bound”

  1. That’s really cool. Public acknowledgement is what all authors dream of, right?


    • I think so! 🙂 Although I feel a little shy now about how excited I got over such a little thing. It probably wouldn’t have mattered so much if he didn’t seem so excited himself.


      • I’d still revel in the glory of acknowledgement. Especially with self-publishing, it seems rare to find somebody in your area that has bought your book. Besides friends and family that is.


  2. How exciting and how validating for you. Congrats.


  3. That’s really fantastic – it must have been a great feeling. Well done Gwen!


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