One more day, then back on track…

Getting back on track!

Getting back on track!

Every once in a while, my writing life gets hijacked by other priorities. I think it’s one of the hazards of working from home.

It’s been that way for me here for almost a week now, but I’m almost through the  rough patch. One more busy busy day away from my office, and I can get back on track with my works-in-progress!

That means I can get back to my blog, too, which I’ve really missed. I count everyone who visits here and chats with me as friends, and I’ve missed being able to read your posts. I’m looking forward to catching up again. Hopefully there will be some time tomorrow afternoon where I can sit back and enjoy reading other blogs.

As busy as today will be, a good chunk of it will be spent acting as a chauffeur for one of my daughters. She’s going on a photo shoot with her school photography club. I’ll have fun watching, but I’ll be bringing my Kindle along, as well. I have a library full of marketing books I want to dig into again. 🙂

I still have to write an update of my most recent KDP Select adventure. Hopefully that will come tomorrow, as well.

One really big blessing over this past rough week has been the Rome Construction Crew. I haven’t had a chance to connect, but I’ve been able to keep up with my health goal and volunteer goal and I’m making some progress toward my writing goal for May. Just knowing I’ll have to post about it at some time has been incredibly motivating for me. You are all wonderful and I wish you the best day ever.

4 Comments to “One more day, then back on track…”

  1. Nice to see you back and hopefully you’ll be able to take up the pen (so to speak) and move forward again altho’ it sounds as tho’ you’ve kept some of your own personal plates spinning 🙂


  2. Ugh…I can relate to the writing getting hijacked by other priorities. Sometimes I wish I could kick life to the curb and just write! lol Kudos to you on keeping up with all your goals…that is awesome! 🙂


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