Wedding dresses and writing

Lace for her wedding dress...

Lace for her wedding dress…

I’ll be making a wedding dress over the next few months for a remarkably creative niece.

She came to stay with my family one summer, several years ago. One of the things we found we had in common: we both love to write.

In those days, freelance writing was still fairly new to me, poetry was my secret stress relief, and fiction was merely a way to daydream.

Through several talks, this niece taught me that it’s okay to have a vivid imagination as an adult, and it’s even okay to pretend. Because of her, that’s how I think of my fiction. It’s my way to play.

Even now, as I try to learn about marketing by working with my fiction, it’s mostly an enjoyable way for me to delve into the possibilities of another way of life. To me, that’s what play is all about.

When she was with us, this niece would often shut the door to her room, put a fantasy-inspiring soundtrack on her CD player and role-play for a while. Then she took her notebook and wrote down all the ideas she had.

Her imagery in writing has always been good, but I have to admit, the years have improved her writing. The scenes she writes now are very vivid, descriptive and active.

Last week, as we shopped for a wedding dress, we talked about writing again. She still intends to be a full-time fiction author, and she’s getting closer to realizing those dreams. I’m hoping to see something of hers come out in the next year.

We weren’t able to find a wedding dress she liked that fit into our budget, so we headed to the fabric store and bought everything we need to make her dream-come-true dress. I think about it now, and I think it’s really a lot like her stories. There are a lot of beautiful books out there, but sometimes it’s just more fun to make your own, to make it the way you want it, to enjoy your personal play time so much that it becomes valuable to the world at large.

One other really great thing about writing: it doesn’t cost a thing.

9 Responses to “Wedding dresses and writing”

  1. Wow! Making a wedding dress, you are such a talented person.


  2. Even at 53, I still have my “pretends;” though I guard them far more closely than I did when I was young. That is why I write as well; role-playing is so much fun when you let a character reveal herself to you from the inside out, then put it down on paper to share.
    I am also impressed that you can make a wedding dress and that you are close enough with your niece that she wants you to do it.


  3. making a wedding dress – wowzers. I still have mine – boxed away since i wore it back in 1989. much has happened since then – a divorce and two boys – to mention a few. i have always held onto it thinking i would have a daughter. now i have two boys and a dress, that i should probably donate, but i cannot seem to let go of it. 😉


  4. I love you, Aunt Gwen. Thank you so much for all of your love and wonderful support. You really are the greatest. 😀 ❤



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