A sonnet for three friends

It's a natural high. :)

It’s a natural high, in more ways than one! Three geese flying over Mandan, North Dakota πŸ™‚

In hues of blue and pink, new day will rise

to send its gifts of joy across the snow.

Three friends will laugh aloud, take to the skies

and share delight in life where e’re they go.

They carry different burdens, different pasts,

and different eyes from which they view the land,

yet they fly on as long as friendship lasts,

flocking to new adventures. Understand,

The day will come when each must fly alone

into a sky as vast and wide as dreams

where they may battle foes as yet unknown;

They’ll never be as lonely as it seems,

because they’ve learned, together, how to fly.

Their strength becomes the world’s natural high.

This poem is for one of my daughters and two friends she grew up with. They’ve all taken different paths now–they live in different states and are at different stages in their lives, but I know the experiences they shared in earlier years built a tremendous amount of personal strength in my daughter. I will always be grateful for that.

4 Comments to “A sonnet for three friends”

  1. It’s tough when good friends move to different states. My friends are scattered between Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Thankfully, we have social media to stay in contact. You notice that the geese kind of make a smiley face?


  2. Very nice. The photo was a cute surprise. – John


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