So much fun! I’m afraid I blushed a little, but I’m happy. Thank you, Ionia, for all you do!

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It’s Monday! Wait…don’t run away and hide I meant that in a positive way:) It’s time for the Blogger of the Week.

This week’s blogger is a hard working and genuinely nice person. She is an author, a mother and is always a positive person to converse with. I have enjoyed getting to know her and read her book and I always look forward to reading her posts. Everyone say hello to Gwen Bristol You can find her blog at where she discusses a variety of topics and offers insightful information for all of us who are on a writing/publishing journey.

She has just finished her new cover art for her book “the Night Ones Legacy” and it looks wonderful!

Here it is along with a link where you can find the book:

The Night Ones Legacy

Not sure if the new cover has gone live yet, but the…

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  1. You’re the amazing one!


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