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March 16, 2013

Friday Photo Poetry: The end of winter

CB turtles 4

My deserted island is this moment,

This space to plan, to think, to breathe the sun.

The winter days were far too dormant.

I snoozed and dreamed, I wept, I saw no one–

but now I see Day’s warmth inside your smile,

emerge from my dark shell and soak in light.

Sunbeams of hope pierce deep through my heart’s guile,

wrap me in peace reflected, soft and bright.

I may not stay long here, and yet I dream,

While all Life’s ┬áchallenges come flowing past–

How nice it is, to sit amid the stream

And merely say that I see Sun at last.

I spent much of the day away from my desk, and so I’m a day late posting this one.

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