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March 8, 2013

Today is my bridge to next week

Today is my bridge to next week!

Today is my bridge to next week!

I got online this morning to discover I had only posted once so far this week–after weeks of posting at least three times, and usually more than that. Where did the week go?

Monday, my parents came for a visit; Tuesday, I finished an article assignment and met my deadline.

Wednesday I hosted the weekly dessert club here at my house, which was a lot of fun but also meant I didn’t get to my computer much at all.

Thursday (yesterday) I spent quite a bit of time writing fiction–such a luxury! and I accepted another article assignment.

And now it’s Friday again!

Rather than be cross with myself, I decided to count today as my bridge to next week.

As I look back across the week, I’m amazed at how many little things I actually got done. Here are some of the small accomplishments that still seem significant enough to me to celebrate:

  • I learned to use Hootsuite;
  • I learned how to schedule posts here on WordPress;
  • I spent hours with one daughter as she taught me about photography and photo editing (wonderful education–my daughter could be a teacher if she wanted to);
  • I wrote two chapters in the sequel to The Night Ones Legacy;
  • I read two books and took notes for future reviews;
  • I reviewed three books;
  • I met my deadline;
  • I tended to some business with extended family–which, fortunately for me, included a chocolate picnic (Cadbury mini eggs, Oreos, etc.) on a hill at a park with my toddler, a niece and a nephew. My son loves going up and down the mountain (he calls it a Mut-ma right now).

No week that begins with a visit from parents and ends (almost) with a chocolate picnic with loved ones can be called a bad week.

Here’s what I intend to do this afternoon to make today a successful bridge:

  • List beta readers for the sequel to the Night Ones Legacy–let me know if you’re interested. I’m looking for a group to read it chapter by chapter as it progresses, and another group who would rather wait until the entire book is finished to read it. 
  • Update my blog–finally. The Contests page, especially, since my contest closed more than a week ago…Whoops!
  • Hang up the shelves I have for my office and set out my lantern collection.
  • Finish the background reading for my new article assignment so I can jump right in with phone calls Monday morning.

And then, I’m going to make homemade pizza and play with my family. I truly love Friday nights, for this reason!

For next week–I haven’t set any hard goals. I do want to make sure I catch up reading other blogs, blog regularly here, make some progress on my nonfiction projects and write at least a few more fiction chapters. If there’s more time, I’ll start searching for a better book cover for The Night Ones Legacy.

I’m looking forward to a very happy and productive week, and I’m wishing everyone else the same.

March 8, 2013

Thank you to Ionia Martin for the wonderful review! I’m smiling and smiling and smiling.

readful things blog

When Lily breaks the most serious law in her village, she unwittingly unleashes an army of Night Ones, fierce creatures who are rumored to eat children.

But as she struggles to make things right, she realizes that not every story she’s been told is true…

In order to save her people, Lily must find a stolen treasure, uncover the truth, and restore a lost emperor to his throne—and she has to do it before time runs out and thousands of innocent lives are lost…

THE NIGHT ONES LEGACY is a middle-grade fantasy in which the heroine foils a plot to commit genocide on a suppressed minority race, discovers who she is and ultimately regains the family she thought she had lost forever.–Description from

  • File Size: 287 KB
  • Print Length: 357 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1461137357
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English

You can find this book

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March 8, 2013

A country church

A country church in North Dakota

A country church in North Dakota

For sky and field ’round me entwined,

I’m just a chapel with a steeple–

I live the life my God designed

and share my truth: love all people.

And when I reach toward sky, I find

there’s gold enough for all the poor

in my own heart, and in my mind.

I give away. God gives me more.

I spent nearly two hours today going through photos my sweetheart took of our our time in North Dakota. I really love his shots of old churches, old abandoned homesteads, birds and flowers…I’m stocked up with new photos for at least a year, I think! I really love Friday Photo Poetry because it gives me a chance to show the world a little bit of why I fall in love with him, all the time.

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