How KDP Select boosted ratings for The Experiences and Thoughts of a Simple Freelance Writer

amazon rank first day of KDP select

I came home from running errands and attending a first-time ever meeting for a local dessert club to find The Experiences and Thoughts of a Simple Freelance Writer had jumped from around #500,000 in the Kindle paid store to:


 in both the nonfiction journalism and journalists category.

This is only halfway through the first day of my little booklet being promoted as free through KDP Select. I checked my reports, and several free copies have already been retrieved by people who are interested in it.

It’s still only #4,128 in the Kindle free store, but since I never really intended to do much to promote this booklet, the higher ranks came as a huge surprise. I was only experimenting with this booklet and KDP Select to see how the program works. I wanted to know whether it would make a difference in the amount of attention it gets on Apparently, it does–which means I may try it with other writing later.

It also makes me think that my experiences and thoughts, as humble as they are, truly might have some value to others who are thinking of pursuing the same career path. My heart goes out to everyone who wants this dream. I understand it. I breathe and live it.

Writing is hardly ever an easy path, but it’s a good one.

Along the same lines, we’re down to two days on the $25 Amazon Gift Card give-away for The Night Ones Legacy.

What a wonderful life!

5 Comments to “How KDP Select boosted ratings for The Experiences and Thoughts of a Simple Freelance Writer”

  1. I was looking into the program, but it concerned me that it meant the book would only be through Amazon. I can live without the Smashwords connection, but the contract said that I couldn’t use my own website. I contacted Amazon about if I could post book sections and they just sent me the contract section again. Do you know anything else about the website part of the contract that I might have missed? Again, I’d love to stick with Amazon and Createspace if it meant better sales, but I don’t want to neuter my website.


    • I really don’t know. I wish I had a better answer.

      I am honestly quite surprised at the outcome today.

      Maybe you could wait for a few weeks until the launch excitement starts to fade down and then decide whether it would be worthwhile? I think the contract is only for 90 days, so maybe when your second book comes out, you could give it a try? I wish I knew more.


      • Thanks. I could try that, but I’m noticing that I know a lot of people who read e-books and don’t own a Kindle. Cutting myself off from Smashwords might not be a smart idea. I’m just struggling to figure out if there’s anything else I can do to promote. Doing Goodkindles when I get into my next credit card cycle (next week) and that’s really all I have left.
        I might just be burned out too. I wanted to make a post and I can’t even think of what to write.


  2. Congratulations and thanks for the info. This kindle world takes some picking apart. I have a great publisher guy at (no connection to writeonthebeach) who has walked this path with his other clients and has guided me. I’ve the same issue, I want to promote my book in PDF and sell it off my business website but I’m tied into the 90day KDP clause. One thing I have done (which I’m sure you will have) is put the “download Kindle for PC here” button on my website to try and keep folk on my website pages.


  3. I just thought of something in regards to this. Did you see any rise in sales or interest in ‘The Night Ones Legacy’ because of the free book? Does doing something like this help with advertising yourself? I’m thinking of doing this with my novellas, but I’m looking into it first.


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