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January 23, 2013

Celebrating the joy of reading

Books on my toddler's shelf--they stay there for a few minutes at a time

Books on my toddler’s shelf–they stay there for a few minutes at a time

Today is National Reading Day.

I know this only because one of my daughters signed up to read books to elementary school children, and yet the idea has thrilled me all day. A holiday for reading! What a wonderful, terrific, absolutely fantabulous idea!

Even though, as I understand it, the idea is to encourage literacy in younger readers, I can’t help celebrating, too. I think it’s probably part of every writer’s lifestyle to celebrate the written word whenever possible.

I carried my Kindle and another book with me everywhere I went today, hoping to snatch a few moments to read. I brought picture books for my toddler. Tonight I plan to wrap myself up with hot chocolate and a good book (by Brandon Sanderson, if you’re wondering) and read until I fall asleep.

Meanwhile, I’m celebrating by reading other blogs when I should probably actually be writing. Here are some terrific ones that have wowed me over the past few days:

Now I’m looking forward to National Read Across America Day, sometime close to the birthday of Dr. Suess.

Also, I just discovered today is also National Pie Day. We may have homemade chicken pie for dinner, but only if I get it started now. I can read while it bakes.

Happy reading, lovely world!

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