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January 8, 2013

Three reasons for Writer’s Group to become a girls’ night in

I love spending time with my girls, whether we're out and about or snuggled up at home.

I love spending time with my girls, whether we’re out and about or snuggled up at home.

There are very few things I’d miss my writing group for.

A special family outing is one of those things. That’s what happened last month–my husband got tickets for the entire family to go see a Christmas concert, not knowing that was the same night my writer’s group.

This month, the writer’s group was scheduled for last night–and I missed it again because of a sick child.

Granted, the ill child is thirteen years old. I’m sure she and the family could have handled me leaving for a few hours. I debated about it all morning and finally realized I needed to stay home, for the following reasons:

  1. There’s a sore throat, a headache and a fierce fever associated with whatever she’s got. I don’t feel sick, but I also don’t want to take a chance of passing that on to anyone else.
  2. Sometimes girls just need their moms. When you’re not feeling good, it’s hard to feel good about yourself, and during those times moms can be extremely comforting. I know this because, after all these years, I still need to at least call my own mom when I’m not feeling well.
  3. Moms always need their girls. Part of the fun of going to a writing group is coming home and telling my daughters what I learned. They both like to write, and this particular daughter is already working on two books that she hopes to publish someday. Her enthusiasm and ambition keep me motivated when the deadlines get tight. Both girls help me remember why I chose to write in the first place: because I love it.

I’m already looking forward to the next writing group. I have my piece ready to go, and I’m hoping I can still help critique the works of my writing group friends by e-mail while I wait a whole four more weeks. Writing group is my night out, one of the only times I really take time for myself.

Last night–well, that was really a girls’ night in. I loved that, too.

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