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January 4, 2013

The Comfort of Cocoa

Home-made Hot Chocolate--thanks to my wonderful daughters!

Home-made Hot Chocolate–thanks to my wonderful daughters!

This morning, the thing that I love the most

Is the comfort of cocoa and buttered toast,

but I also find a deep delight

at frosty windows in morning light.

I love the peace. Was there ever sorrow?

And what will I love the most


A quick note: Although I usually write new poems to accompany the photos I post on Fridays, I wrote this poem long ago. It recently came to mind again. My teenage daughters are the reason why. They make THE BEST homemade hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Thanks, girls, for being so absolutely wonderful! This second Photo Poetry post is just for you.

January 4, 2013


Looking east at one peak in the Oquirr Mountains, at sunset

Looking east at one peak in the Oquirr Mountains behind my home, at sunset

Shadows, like grey flames, grow up the mountain face,

and still the heights, like warriors, hold the light;

The evening, softly creeping, brings darkness to this place,

but the mountains guard my home throughout the night.

I wake before each dawn to see the burning

on mountain peaks: it’s love and light, returning!

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