Magic Studies: Happy Hour

Hannah Gietzen and I decided to write fictional letters back and forth to each other after we both read “The Enchanted Chocolate Pot,” which was written the same way.  We’re just having fun with this and we hope you have fun with it, too.  We’ll be posting and cross-posting this story as it develops.

This is the last set of letters until I hear back from Hannah–I hope she writes back soon!

A 'wand' my husband carved for one of our daughters...

A ‘wand’ my husband carved for one of our daughters…

Dear Mother Humphrey,

The happy hour potion worked great. I made it just as you told me, following the directions exactly. I found the potion in my book, as well, but that was only after I had made it.

I started on it after my parents left to argue about whether I should be able to keep my cat. I was all alone in my lab, except for Little Miss, who has decided that the lab is hers.

I began by putting everything in the pot in the order that you said. Then I placed it over the hot coals. I was careful to stir it in the instructed direction for the entire 25 minutes. By the time I took it off the fire it was a pumpkin orange and bubbling nicely.

I let it cool as I cleaned up my lab. All the while, Little Miss was circling the cauldron and purring. After it had cooled I carefully put three drops in a glass of orange Gatorade and sat it on the table until I could give it to Duncan Dunsz’s assistant (Jack).

I had only turned my back on it a second when my little brother came in and drank the entire thing. I know I was not supposed to give it to him but it worked anyway. He was happy for the rest of the day. Now that is saying something, considering that he is a ordinary 10 year old.

The next day he still was not himself. I keep waiting for it to wear off but it hasn’t yet. He is still insanely happy. It is cool.

I took great care in storing the rest of the potion in a glass jar as instructed. That is all there is to tell about the Happy Hour episode. I hope it is what you wanted.

I completely read the chapter on wand maintenance, taking notes as I did.

I then spent three hours at Spector’s studying the different wands. The first I looked at was an oak-fairy level 1. It is only for an advanced magic user who specializes in something. Seeing as this one is oak, I would say it would work best in directing water magic but could also be used as a slime wand. It is extremely delicate and needs to be kept clean, so it is best to store it in a tube of water. It is a specialty wand and is not to be used in everyday magic.

The second was a level 5 pine-SingBird wand. It is a general use wand that is used to teach and practice with. It is used to direct all different kinds of magic, which gives it its other name, the household wound. It needs no special treatment and is often kept in the utensil drawer.

The third was a beech-ogre level 5. This makes it useful for all kinds of outdoor chores and can only really be used dirtside. Like the ogre that it was made from, it does not work well in space. It is most useful at high altitudes. Like the household wand, it is not very powerful but is not used in teaching very often because of its ornery temperament.

The forth was an aged level 2 willow wand with celtic runes caved into it. This wand is used by throes who prefer animal or healing magic. It is very powerful but can only handle delicate magics. It needs to be keep dry and is usual stored in a leather case or a cloth bag. It is not popular dirtside because it can’t get wet.

The fifth was a apple-phoenix level 3 wand with a leather handle. This type is used for people who like fighting magic and it can handle vast amounts of magic going through it at a time. Because of this, it is also known as a blasting rod and is usually used in combat. It is longer then the average wand and heavier, weighing almost 5 pounds. Some argue that it is a staff and not a wand, but it is still considered a wand by the general public.

The sixth was a super oak reinforced pine troll finger wand level 4. This type is famous for earth magic and does best stored in dirt. It is useful in many ways but is most often used by weather mages. It is not all that powerful, but is often useful for teaching.

The seventh was the most extraordinary. It was a level 1 earth redwood unicorn wand. It is used only by hags and is illegal for anyone else. It is often stored in a glass case, though it does not need special care. It is used on any of the five elements, earth, water, air, fire and metal. It is extremely powerful as well as deadly. It is used in combat as well as healing, curses, weather and potions.

That is all I have for the wands. I hope this is what you wanted. I also have to tell you that my mother and Dork Boy did not even see each other. Mother was out shopping when he came.

Well that is all I have for now. I look forward to the next lesson.

Always your apprentice,


Dear Justine,

How is it that Dork Boy was talking to your mom if she was out shopping? Something is not right here. Please tell me what’s going on—and it had better be good, or I will fulfill your earlier request to know what ‘excruciating’ means.

Under the circumstances, I’m beginning to doubt that the book was destroyed. I need it returned to me as soon as possible.

Your teacher and future Hag,

Elena Humphrey


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