Something about Saturdays


There’s something wonderfully comforting about Saturdays.

I still work on Saturdays. With three children at home (all day every day), it’s the only way I can manage to get in forty billable work hours every week.

That said, I work at a much more relaxed pace than I do on weekdays. My alarm doesn’t go off at five in the morning. There’s no worry about missing telephone calls, no concern over unread e-mails, no pressure to write more than the bare minimum. Mostly, it’s a day for planning and preparing for the upcoming week.

One of my mentors, LaVonn Steiner of Excel Leadership, once said she set aside one day a week for paperwork, office work, financials, things like that. Bonnie Staiger, an outstanding leader with The Staiger Consulting Group in North Dakota, told me during an interview she has one day a week where she doesn’t sit down until all her papers are filed and her work space is completely clear.

For me, that day is Saturday.

Today was one of the most pleasant Saturdays I’ve had in quite a while. As I looked over the activity of the past week, I realized that I had accomplished a lot more than I originally thought I had. Being a prolific writer, for some reason, brings me deep satisfaction.

On top of that, my office is gradually becoming less cluttered (yes, I’m trying hard to be a FlyBaby), I feel much clearer about my writing goals and I feel like the work I do is worth the effort I put into it.

It’s a totally, completely rewarding kind of day.

Add to that the fact that I’m not chained to my desk on Saturdays. I keep the laundry going, wash dishes, read to my baby and listen to my daughters laugh with the friends that come to hang out here. If there’s time, I bake treats and read and play the piano. When it finally gets dark, my family and I gather to watch Psych, Star Trek or Merlin together (we’re such escapists here). It’s really a great day for all of us.

One thing more makes it perfect. At the end of the day, I file my writing and editing works-in-progress away for the rest of the weekend. I won’t touch them at all until Monday morning, five o’ clock-ish, or maybe later in the morning, depending on how exuberant I feel. On Sunday, all I do is relax, center myself and rejuvenate my spirit.

With that in mind, Sunday really is the best day of the week–but the fact that it’s right around the corner makes Saturday something special.

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