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November 14, 2012

100 word sentence challenge

Writing everything...

Writing everything…

The writing group I attend met this past Monday. I was given a personal challenge to write a sentence of 100 words or more. I did–and my effort is shown below–but I can tell I have work and work and work to do. Writing long sentences isn’t something that comes naturally to me.

I’m thrilled with the idea of a concrete exercise that I can work on every day to help me improve my writing skills. Here is the first attempt, which I forwarded to my writing group yesterday morning:

     I speak with the inaudible voice of a winter sunrise–the lingering peace of sleep well spent, an early morning pine-scent wafting down from mountain peaks, the silent rustle as sheets of darkness fall to Horizon’s floor, a first bugle of brightness playing across snow-slippered peaks, stepping lightly down canyon stairs, stirring tints and hues and shades into soft-wooded hills, widening its embrace, encircling Hope as dear as the beloved face of Dawn, greeting New Day as tenderly as a young mother kisses her child awake, breakfasting with all life on half-remembered dreams and long-forgotten delights–and I quietly shout my joy: Good Morning, Writing Group Friends!

Not a great format, I know…but the sentence was a lot of fun to write. I’ll get better at it!

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