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October 9, 2012

The Blessings of a Writing Group


Two months ago I had the opportunity to join a writer’s group. My fellow writers in that group are astoundingly talented. We meet monthly, rotating in turns to host the group in our homes. The setting is always warm, friendly and intimate, which makes it easy to talk and learn together.

There was a meeting in September and one in October. I’ve attended both, and have come away feeling grateful for people who love the writing craft as much as I do. I am in awe of my fellow writers and thankful for the way they have, in two meetings, impacted my life (and my writing) for the better.

Here are some of the blessings I’ve received so far from participating in this writing group:

  • An “It’s okay to not be perfect the first time you try” feeling of acceptance from the group, which is helping me relax. Sharing what I write isn’t as difficult now.
  • Inspiration and perspectives from our group discussions that keep me thinking for days after one of our meetings.
  • A sense of camaraderie¬†from folks who love to write. Sometimes I find that we like to read the same kinds of things, too, which is always a joy.
  • Helpful hints, especially when it comes to making my writing voice stronger and more animated–which translates to more interesting reading.
  • Suggestions on where I could do more research or flesh out my writing a little bit better.
  • Lively discussions on broad topics that we try to address in our writing. Sometimes these tangents course through the entire evening. ¬†Always they find their way into private discussions later with my family here at home and help me see what messages readers may find in my personal writing.
  • I love feeling that what I have to offer is worthwhile. It’s always nice to get writing help, but it’s just as nice to know the road goes both ways and that I am able to help others, as well.
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