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August 24, 2012

New Technology


I’m really more of a daydreamer than a writer. I let phrases and sentences run through my head, but I don’t always capture them on paper or on the computer–although that’s changed some with new technology.

I get a lot more done in freewrites on the computer than I do writing longhand. It’s also easier for me to organize my thoughts and freewrites on the computer. I do enjoy writing longhand, but I truly enjoy the neatness of my computer work.

After my daughter’s online school orientation the other day, though, I realized I’m not as techno-literate as I thought I was. She’s way beyond me. And so, today, I had her train me in video chatting. Very fun, very educational…and I believe it will also be very useful when I try to do interviews with people living states away from me. I’ll be able to capture their gestures and expressions as well as their words. What a valuable tool!

Now if I can just find a way to record it at the same time…I know there’s a way. I just need to find it.

I guess I’ll go ask my daughter.

August 23, 2012

I Write Everything

Writing everything...

Writing everything…and apparently not ashamed to share it with the world

The biggest trick of my life is staying balanced.

It’s not so much about having a lot to do as it is about wanting to do a lot of different types of writing. I have a desire to taste every aspect of writing. And then, once the tasting is done, to savor it and compare the unique flavor of ever project with the next one.

Yes, this includes journalism and history projects. I thought I’d put those away for a while, but I can’t live happily ever after without them.

It includes line editing, even for technical writing. The work is more monotonous here, but I learn so much that it makes the huge-ness of it all worthwhile.

Poetry…well, that’s just my life. I may not speak well, but my heart beats poetry.

And fiction is my escape. That’s how I play.

Writing self-hypnosis scripts is how I daydream.

Journals–these are my logs, my plans, my thoughts on how the days turn out, little snippets of things to remember–a birthday here, a present idea there, what color I want to paint my office and why, cost estimates for house repairs. It’s a hodgepodge of things that aren’t written elsewhere, loosely organized.

And then there are the things I write with my breath and my actions: the sweet snuggles I get while reading books to my baby, the long chats with my daughters, making lunches at 5AM for a husband I can say I’m in love with after 18 years. Throwing back-to-school parties that leave me breathless for days afterward. Pulling goat heads out of the garden, harvesting tomatoes, making fresh salsa with my sweethearts.

These are the things that never make it to the paper or the computer screen, but they’re written in my heart and mind.

The bad days are written here, too: days when I’m too tired and dizzy to finish the dishes, days when my children tiptoe around me for fear I’ll be cranky with them, days when I don’t get dressed until lunchtime, days when I hide from the telephone.

There, those are my deepest, darkest secrets. They’re not things I’m proud of. I try to keep from writing them. Poetry, I tell myself, and I repeat stanzas or prayers in my mind until the darkness fades.

And then I go back to my notebooks and computer, and I write some more.

August 7, 2012

Still Writing Articles


I thought when we moved to Utah from North Dakota that my freelance journalism days were at an end. I’m humbled and grateful to be able to say that my work must be appreciated more than I realized. I’m still getting assignments that I can complete by telephone. It feels great to know that people enjoy reading my work even though I’m far away now.

Most of my recent work has been for Bismarck Tribune’s Bakken Breakout, a bi-monthly magazine insert that comes out with the daily paper. You can read my latest article, “Go East, Young Man, Go East,” in the July 2012 issue. It’s on page 64.

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