I’m not sure when my love of writing began. I have vague memories of first grade spelling lessons and second grade poetry lessons. By fifth grade I discovered writing allowed me to create, powerfully. 

That felt wonderful.

I’ve never set writing aside since, not even when other dreams danced into my life. I write to record events, to share emotion, to (occasionally) make money, and to play. Mostly, I write to stay sane.

It’s one of the best ways of connecting with other people I’ve ever found.

Writing takes time. While I love it, I see the need to balance the time, money and other resources I spend on writing pursuits with other areas of my life. Being a wife and a mother will always come first. Volunteer service, home management and other hobbies require space in my life, too.

Because of this, and because I love to play, I try to balance my writing and the rest of my life with personal quests.

It’s as if my life is my own personal role-playing game. I record the hours I spend in pursuits I think will make me a better person. When I reach a set of goals, I allow myself to ‘level up’ and begin working on more difficult projects.

It’s not easy. It’s fun, though. Balancing my writing with other life pursuits is immensely rewarding, and I’m becoming a better person in the process.

I wish everyone the same happiness.

Please feel free to browse the pages on this site. Check out the links. Leave comments.

May you find interesting things here to enrich your life.





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